The Geator with The Heator!

Jerry Blavat is a living legend along the South Jersey Shore. Since the 1950’s he’s been a huge influence on the Jersey Shore sound and probably the person who most influenced what people imagine a summer down the shore ought to sound like. As a kid I would go see Jerry Blavat D.J. at benefits and reunions. The records he spun on the radio and at events influenced what folks wanted to hear when they came down the shore. He therefore influenced what the local bands should play, and what a young guitar player should learn if he wanted to get a gig. Jerry Blavat made the popular music of the ’50’s and ’60’s into the traditional music of the Jersey Shore.

It goes without saying then that I did a double, double-take when I was in the Santa Monica Public Library and I saw Jerry Blavat’s memoir on the new release shelf – You Only Rock Once: My Life in Music. Here’s an interview with co-author Steve Oskie from the Philly-based website,

If I’ve heard the Geator say it once, I’ve heard him say it a thousand times and so I’ll return the favor. Jerry -“You’re the best, baby!”

P.S. If you’re interested in another kind of Philadelphia sound, check out Philly Tawk. You’ll thank me the next time you’re trying to get directions off the Schuylkill Parkway.

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